About Wild Sasha


Wild Sasha is a blog about all things natural and adventurous, may it be fashion, beauty or lifestyle. Written by a 90’s wild child, seeking a more sustainable and conscious closet.

About the Founder

After moving over to a little alternative and bold town, I found myself surrounded by like minded people wanting to make a difference. I was only a teenager at the time, but it inspired me. It meant I would spend my summers swimming in cold lakes, and camping underneath the stars. I began to appreciate the earth and what it had to offer. My name is Sasha, and I’m now 23 still carrying these experiences and lifestyle choices with me, from the clothes I wear to the products I use.

Not only this, my background in Marketing made my mission stronger. I would find myself writing about corporate social responsibility – how companies can act in tune with the environment and society. Both my wilder and past work experiences have brought me here, sharing with you those companies that matter.

If you would like to go wild and work with me, then get in touch!