5 Lifestyle Favourites | Impacting Women Around The World

A journey of discovery – I’m beginning to unearth more positive brands, all with a true passion for people and our planet. This voyage is rather comforting, as I notice the ripples these ethical brands are beginning to create, all within the fast fashion industry. Cascayde are a company doing just this! They bring sustainable brands together, which lovingly impact the lives of women and communities around the world. So if you’re looking for both gorgeous and ethically sound  lifestyle items, then look no further. I’m excited to share my Cascayde faves, yet with lots to choose from I nailed it down to five!

Olivia & Diego

Sula Bracelet: I’m in love with this relaxed and tonal bracelet, especially knowing it was uniquely made with Eco and up-cycled cotton. This Jewellery also brings about change for its makers and creators, from stay at home Mums to human trafficking survivors – All given the opportunity to create a bright future for themselves. Which means not only do you get an awesome bracelet, you also help create jobs and support the continued development of communities.

Several Needs

Navy Map Zip Bag: If you’re full of wanderlust and long to travel, then the next item has probably caught your eye too. This super trendy Zip Bag is going to be great for my next adventure, perfect for keeping together all my travel trinkets from passports to flight tickets. These Zip Bags are one of my ultimate faves, which is why two have made my top 5 favourites.

Jungle Feeling Zip Bag: I totally adore those exotic green colours, making it super wild and waterproof! So no need to worry about any make-up mishaps. These items were truly born near the jungle, as they are all uniquely handmade by the women of Bali.

Jellyfish Cushion: What a choice I had, there are so many wicked cushion covers to choose from. Of course I’m an ocean lover, so I went for the artistic and minimalist Jellyfish. The subtle tones would work well in any living room, its going to look amazing in my new home! And I can rest, knowing that this little cushion made a huge difference.File 26-03-2018, 19 54 38Daydream Republic

Colourful, Pin My Travels World Map: All the colours are so dreamy, I’m totally in the mood for pinning my bucket list already! With the Philippines being the birth place of this charming map, I think that’s where I’ll be heading first. I can’t wait to enjoy the elegant, classy and colourful canvas as I choose where to mount it. Although because of the subtle arty tones, I know its going look gorgeous in any room. All thanks to the wonderful women who made them.

Cascayde have done it, I’ve fallen for all 5 Lifestyle items and I’m sure it wont end there. This company are making a big and beautiful impact, they have this conscious customers full support! Now if you would like to stay up-to-date with everything Cascaye, then go show them some love on Instagram. Or maybe you would like to visit all their lovely items through the website, in that case I’m sure they would love that too. You can also check out my photographers other awesome shots, so go say hello to WHOISBENJAMIN? and PROBERTPHOTOGRAPHY.