Switzerland | Adventure at its best

Flying through the swollen dark clouds, to finally peering out at that breathtaking sunshine. Yes, we took this opportunity and ran it! And boy was it worth it, we were met with awesome landscapes, intense sports, a trip to Germany and adventure at its best!
I have never seen anything like it, with it being the most snow Switzerland has seen in 10 years. And now as I sit upon my plump sofa back here in England, I begin to write about my chilly travels, to then look out the bay windows and see snow! And lots of it. Photo 29-01-2018, 13 17 11.jpgIts almost as if the magical weather followed us home, yet here in England the world seems to stop, pause, unplug! Where as in Switzerland it was go, go, go!
If we weren’t putting hours into Skiing then we were hiking for miles up mountains, testing our endurance and stamina became a daily occurrence for us. Yet we wouldn’t of had it any other way. We’re not ones for lounging around the pool side, even when we got the chance to hit the steamy pools set beautifully within the mountains, we were running out into the snow, diving off the boards and throwing ourselves down slides. Switzerland was just simply mind blowing. Now our next adventure awaits… Photo 04-02-2018, 21 15 21Photo 29-01-2018, 22 17 03Photo 29-01-2018, 22 17 01Photo 03-02-2018, 10 23 08