Lily Lolo| Fresh, Natural Mineral Makeup

Makeup is worn by women all over the world, may it be to enhance natural features or in some cases to boost self-esteem. Whichever it is, we should remember to be kind to our sensitive skin. With big brands leading the way, its so easy to get caught up in the constant hype, without being aware of the ingredients inside our skincare.
That’s why I opt for a clean beauty regime, which of course includes my makeup items. Lily Lolo is an ultimate favourite, as their products are nutrient rich, non-toxic, eco-friendly, lightweight and simply stunning. So with Lily Lolo you can relax knowing your skin is protected against damage, making a healthy and happy conscious customer.

Lily Lolo MakeupLet the magic happen, with Lily Lolo’s mineral eyeshadow! ย 

Now their eyeshadow has certainly won me over. Just get the end of your small brush damp, dip the eyeshadow and honestly the colours are brought to life! Darker tones become deep and striking, while the lighter tones begin to shimmer. You can see for yourself in my first makeup video, which has to be said was hilariously fun. I have to add I’m no makeup queen, you can often catch me working the no makeup look. The thing is I’m starting to love and appreciate organic skincare, so with a bit of practise I’m sure I can work that smoky eyeshadow!


Shop my look:

Berry Crush Lipstick
Cinnamon Mineral Foundation
Vanilla Shimmer, Mudpie, Orchid Eyeshadow

Well there you have it, an introduction into one of my favourite natural beauty brands. You can mosey on over to Lily Lolo’s Insta here, to check out all their stunning looks.Lily Lolo (2)