6 Ethical Fashion Faves | Staying Fierce with Sancho’s

I’ve been searching for sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands that leave me feeling confident and fierce. Sancho’s have made my search beautifully simple, as they bring together timeless clothing companies perfect for conscious shoppers. Yet it doesn’t stop at just clothing, I’m head over heals for their minimalist jewellery, vegan-friendly shoes and thoughtful gifts that get me dancing around in my organic undies!
So with all the excitement I had to get creative, I decided to put my skills to the test. Now here we have it, my first ethical fashion video showing off my 6 sustainable favourites, fit for any occasion. Of course I have to keep making things a little more wild. Roar!


There you have it, from a night on the town to lazy loungewear. Sancho’s have your conscious outfit covered, for any occasion!

Sancho’s don’t just stock other sustainable brands too, they also design their own items. You see those vegan-friendly shoes I’m so joyously dancing in, they are actually created by the lovely founders of Sancho’s themselves. You can even find their very own range of ethically sound jewellery and scarves, standing proud on the shelves of their women’s wear shop, in Exeter. Also don’t worry guys, Sancho’s have your outfit needs covered to.

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I just love coming across socially positive companies, that have true passion – something that Sancho’s definitely has. Not just for the makers and creators, but for both our planet and people in general. Their desire to build a better future is undoubtable inspirational, making it the ultimate place for us conscious customers. So it looks like your journey can also be made a little simple, with sustainable brands coming together under one roof.

Featured Brands:
People Tree
Organic Basics 

Let’s help Sancho’s create ripples in the fast fashion industry, and show them some love! View all their natural content by clicking Instagram, or even pop over to their website.
P.S. Thanks to everyone for checking out my first sustainable video, creating this while showing off the best of ethical brands was tons of fun! I had a great group behind me, as I got creative with my presenting team at Tubers. Now It would be awesome to hear what you have to say, so feel free to drop a comment, there will be more to come!

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