Sustainable Sunglasses| Bringing Light To Those In Need

Bird Sunglasses

You’ll find I’m always chasing a purpose, or seeking out a thrill to fulfill that thirst for adventure. I love to share these experiences and spark conversations, igniting wanderlust in the people who dare to dream. We can get so caught up, yet it’s the moments we push our boundaries that we truly feel alive. I say this because Bird is built on the very same principles of purpose, adventure and the need to share. It’s true to say, that there’s more to these sunglasses than what meets the eye.

Why I joined the flock

  1. Connection. Bird has a connection with the bigger picture, which makes it hard to simply contain my love for this brand. I’m sure you’ll feel the same knowing that for every pair sold a solar light is distribute to a family in Malawi, Zambia or Uganda. Their incredible partnership with SolarAid, makes it possible for us to help change lives by replacing toxic kerosene lamps. So let there be (clean) light!
  2. Renewable Material. May it be Bamboo or Beach Wood, many of Bird’s designs are Eco-friendly and biodegradable. Not only this they are 100% UVA protected.
  3. The Flock. looking good is one thing, but doing good is the most glorious of tasks. Bird’s #ShareYourSun campaign is a way to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable world.

You can also check out this awe inspiring and adventurous video, featuring yours truly!


See for yourself the positive impact Bird Sunglasses are having, while keeping updated with the rest of the flock. Join their journey through Instagram here.