Wild & Ethical Lingerie Guide | Sustainable is the new sexy

Wild from my top, all the way down to my bottom!

Time to get a little intimate, as I bring you my five favourite lingerie brands that prove sustainable is the new sexy. The world of ethical undies brings endless variety, long lasting comfort and gorgeous designs, fit for any occasion. Now this is what I love the most, each set offers something different because we all need that little bit of excitement in our lives. Not only that, we can now say no to tight and restricting fast fashion underwear, and yes to breathable fabrics for our sensitive body parts.


Like many others out there, AmaElla is at the top of my ethical lingerie list. Two friends came together based on their desire to create an ethical fashion brand, with people and the earth at the heart of what they do. Therefore without a doubt AmaElla only use ethical fashion manufactures, one here in the UK and the other in Portugal.

Now not only do I love the delicate natural details, but the intense comfort where it matters, from the moment I slip them on. AmaElla leads the way, as their 100% organic cotton is free from toxins and chemical, making it gentle on our intimate skin. Also while we’re on the topic of intimate parts, something else that stands out is the lovely shape it keeps on my bum cheeks, not tight or loose, just perfect!

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Lara Intimates

The moment I found Lara Intimates, It was love at first sight.

Sounds like a romantic love story doesn’t it? Well what can I say, this new and exciting brand has definitely caught my eye. I’ve never seen underwear designs quite like it, you can tell the founders have put real thought into their garments. I guess it’s the fact that everything is made in their own lovely London studio, meaning Lara Intimates can show true transparency from design to delivery. You can also see their zero-waste garments being made through social media, all with reclaimed and luxury surplus fabrics.

Azura Bay

If you’re looking for a variety of designs, then Azura Bay is the place to visit. They have a lovely concoction of ethical underwear brands, that continues to grow with every selection. Their new Holiday Collection has already taken Instagram by storm, so if it’s sheer fabrics or body suits you’re after, you’ll find something to take your fancy.

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Luva Huva

When it comes to sexy laced lingerie, this brand have got it all right with stunning deep plums, ruby reds, amethyst purples and forest greens sweeping their new collection. Joanna is the founder of this beautiful brand, you can see where she draws inspiration from the rustic countryside of where she once grew up. This  going hand in hand with their natural and eco-friendly selection of materials including Bamboo, Hemp and Organic Cotton.

They also have some saucy surprises, with suspender belts and satin that are perfect for those special occasions.

Boody Wear

Now this underwear is a little different to the rest, with it being the go-to brand for yoga lovers and active bodies. I tested out my soft bamboo yoga set, while out in the countryside along the river. The pants stretched in all the right places, hugging my intimate body shape. While the bra had a incredibly snug fit, without the need for wires and tight straps.

So whether you’re seeking comforting or romantic collections, these ethical and eco-friendly brands all prove that sustainable is the new sexy!