Wild Jewellery | Minimal, Handmade and Eco-Friendly

Wild Fawn Ring

Not only is Wild Fawn a minimalist dream, this timeless, eco-friendly jewellery has minimal impact on the environment. Whether you’re after recycled sterling silver or eco and fairtrade gold, Wild Fawn have plenty for you to choose from.

I found this quiet coastline to be the perfect setting, giving the shoot my very own personal touch. Breathtaking sunsets met with sheer sands make me feel wild and therefore at ease. You’ve probably heard me say this before, I’m a sucker for these wilder spots, and what’s lovely is I can see the rugged edges of the coast in the very same outlines of my textured silver.


Why Wild Fawns imperfections, are perfect
  1. Personal Touch. From that little box, to the rough and handcrafted designs – I’m wild over the way they keep things small, rustic and personal. What’s so perfect, is strangely its imperfections, adding character and making the collection that little more unique.
  2. Design. My textured ring is minimal yet entangled with three layers, complete jagged edges form one ring, the other less rough yet bowed in shape, while the last is thinner, smooth in texture and dainty. The entire collection uses elegant geometric shapes, to create stunning items, which I find both charming and satisfying. Let’s not forget the fit, as I find my Russian ring surprisingly light weight and extremely comfortable.
  3. Eco-Friendly. What’s not to love about this small independent brand, Wild Fawn is perfect for those searching for a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.
Worn & Where

You can find my Russian textured silver ring, or shop their entire collection here. Remember to keep up-to-date with all things handmade and personal on their Instagram. You can also head over to my Mbotanicals blog, who have joined forces.