Upcycled Sailcloth | Adventurous Oceans to Handcrafted Bags

Sails & Canvas

Where is better to photograph these beautiful pieces, than the place where they belong. The ocean was once the home of these unique products, until they became to worn. That’s the beauty behind Sails & Canvas, as they reinvent and restore these sails to their former glory. I’ve been lucky enough to meet the two extraordinary ladies’ behind the brand, who are just as wild as their sails.

Why the oceans are calling for Sails & Canvas
  1. Up-cycled. Sailcloth doesn’t biodegrade, which is why handcrafting these old sails into unique lifestyle products, means so much more. Less sailcloth in the ground means less waste and harm to the environment. Sails & Canvas also minimise their own personal waste, by using cut off trimmings to create even smaller gifts, such as phone cases and bunting.
  2. Telling Stories. Each mark and imperfection tells a story, and through their love and craftsmanship this can be appreciated. Think about all the adventures, sights and scenes along the ocean waves. Sailed, Saved and Sewn into truly bespoke items that everyone can enjoy.
  3. Variety. Indulge in the variety of products available, it’s like charismas has come early. Whether you’re after a new bag, or a personalised cushion – they’ve made it to last! Sails & Canvas are known for thinking outside the box, and can also help with those ever so special requests.
What I’ve used

Bags: Sailcloth Pom Pom Tote Bag, Beach Bag, Shopper, Flight Bag

Accessories: Marine Canvas Wash Bag

Outside: Personalised Deckchair, Windbreak

Where to Find

Find everything I’ve shown and more, on the Sails and Canvas website right here.

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