Sustainable Stripes | For the Modern Creatives


Let’s admit it, you can’t say no to sustainable stripes. Well at least I can’t, whichever the colour I go wild for them. Like most outdoorsy girls, it’s this wilder things that inspire me. Now for all you creators and enthusiasts out there, let’s inspire while wearing our Seasalt stripes.

Why I’m going wild over Seasalt
    1. Variety of stripes. You’ll never go a day without this classic and typically Cornish style, with a choice of tops, jumpers, dresses and even socks. You name it, Seasalt probably have it. I’ve gone for dark reds and baby blues, and just like a work of art, my needle cords compliment the colours beautifully.
    2. The fabric. Sustainably soft and made to last, you can’t go wrong with 100% organic cotton. You can feel good in your laid back, relaxed fashion not just on the outside, but on the inside. You’ll probably hear me say this again, but isn’t this what sustainable fashion is all about, looking good while doing good
    3. Community of creatives. Seasalt support modern creatives, through their pioneering project to share stories of makers and creators. This is more than a clothing brand, if you look beyond the label. So all you wild, visionary and enthusiastic bunch, jump on board as everyone is welcome #SeasaltArtClub
Worn & Where

Sailor Tops: Breton Skipper Ecru and Duet Bucket Paddle tops made with 100% organic cotton. Lamledra Trousers made with 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane. You can also shop your perfect look, just head over to Seasalt here, and stay tuned with all things sustainable on their Instagram.