MBotanicals | From Organic Skincare to Delicious Soy Candles


I was excited to see my MBotanicals parcel, as soon as I opened it I was met with delicious and uplifting fragrances. First came the Soy Candle with its rich and creamy vanilla, then the French Green Clay with orange and peppermint – now how tasty does that sound!

Mbotanicals believe in nature, using plant based ingredients that work in harmony with your skin. They also pride themselves on being sustainable, with many ingredients being organic from fair trade or local farmers.

Out in the fresh breeze along the coastline, these green and gorgeous products had to join me, with my Wild Fawn ring of course. Everything seemed to be bursting with aromas, bringing my senses to life.

 Why I love MBotanicals

There’s so much to love, the Green Clay is made from nourishing shea butter and olive oil, with wonderful detoxifying benefits and natural exfoliants that works wonders with my skin. For as long as I can remember I have had small raised bumps, both on the backs of my arms and thighs. I had tried everything to soothe my skin, yet nothing had seemed to work, until now. It’s the first time in forever, being able to run my fingers down my arms and feel silky smooth skin.

 After a long and busy day, I can take a shower with my Green Clay Soap, and then snuggle up with my Soy Wax Candle burning in the background. Candles have always had this soothing effect for me, I feel comforted and relaxed, the ultimate warm fuzzy feeling on a cold evening.

I’m in love with that creamy vanilla, not to mention the fact that it’s all handcrafted and made from all natural soy beans.

What I’m using

French Green Clay Soap: Scented with uplifting orange, peppermint and essential oils. Natural exfoliates help with impurities, to bring about smooth and glowing skin, trust me – it works!

Vanilla Bean Soy Candle: Made with 100% soy and vegetable wax, hand poured and scented with essential oils. With a burn time of up to 25 hours, this is perfect for those cold and cosy nights.

Where to find

You can shop MBotanicals through Wild Fawn here – and stay in tune with all things handmade, delicious and organic.

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