Mago | Handmade, Healthy and Sustainable Hair Extensions

Mago Hair

At some point we’ve all wanted long or thick hair, especially us girls on the finer side. Yet hair extensions come at a price with many different methods including melted hot glues, tapes and micro rings. Not only this, we also have no idea where the hair has been sourced, and if it’s been sourced fairly and responsibly.

Therefore if you lead a sustainable lifestyle, hair extensions would have been out of the question. Although this has now all changed, I’d like to introduce you to the revolutionary knot based system, Mago Hair.


Why I’m in knots over Mago Hair
  1. Natural System. The knot is an ancient technology, and still to this day we see the importance of this easy, strong and reliable technique. Being a climber I put my life in the hands of a knot, but we also use them on a daily basis. Mago have used this opportunity to reinvent hair extensions, creating a natural system purely based on this trusted system.
  2. Handmade. These are Handmade from top to bottom by experienced Mago technicians, It even takes a period of 30 days to create just one bundle of Mago Hair. This slower time frame means they can guarantee quality, and you can feel at ease knowing they are redefining hair extensions.
  3. Sustainable. We can trace the hair back to the source, coming from the temples of India, where they donate their hair in prayer to the gods. Since there is no other use for the hair once cut, its then fairly traded. This way Mago can get a sustainable supply of natural hair, unlike many other methods around the world.
Worn & Where

6 Packs, 18” Mago Hair: I have naturally very fine hair, yet Mago has transformed it into bouncy long locks. Remember you can even use them for added thickness, ranging from 12”. Join Mago on their journey,  through their website and Insta. Or head over and see Emma Hosie, the wild woman who fitted my lovely locks.Sasha-15